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Day in JavaScript

by Daniel Schildt

English ~1 min reading time

Version updates


Migrating from npm to Yarn

Comparison of commands between the npm CLI and Yarn is an overview of what commands work for similar tasks in the tools. There are more differences in the Yarn 2 version, but have not yet migrated my own projects to it.

Get latest dependencies

yarn upgrade

This command updates dependencies to their latest version based on the version range specified in the package.json file. The yarn.lock file will be recreated as well.

Yarn documentation. 2020.

Figured out a faster way to update the package dependencies. I have been using Yarn for a long time, but somehow had forgotten about some of the built in features. I had used more "traditional" way of updating packages. One by one, by editing the latest version number to package.json file, and running yarn install after it.

Babel core bug fixes

Latest Babel release v7.10.5 reduces amount of Lodash usage. It replaces parts of old code with native JavaScript features. This is a positive change to better. Less potential issues caused by 3rd party dependencies.