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Daniel Schildt
Helsinki, Finland

Daniel Schildt is a UX designer & web developer from Finland.

This website is a collection of notes.


@d2s on GitHub. ~132 are following me there, while I have followed 591 GitHub accounts. GitHub has been useful for keeping up with latest tools, as it shows a feed of starred projects from people that I'm following, allowing to discover potential tools & projects more easily.


I have been using Twitter since 2007. Over the years, the service has changed a lot, and often clearly not to a good direction. Still I kept using it, week after week. Looking back now, it feels a bit odd.

On my @autiomaa account, at the moment of writing, 3893 are following me. Following 2633 Twitter accounts. 68513 tweets in total over the years. That is at least ~15+ tweets per day. Most likely should have spent more time writing blog posts instead of tweets.

Total number of characters?

If an average tweet would be X characters:

Amount of characters
Per tweetIn total
20 characters~1370260 characters
40 characters~2740520 characters
50 characters~3425650 characters
100 characters~6851300 characters
120 characters~8221560 characters
140 characters~9591820 characters
180 characters~12332340 characters

Time wasted?

Amount of lost time? Probably a lot.
If one tweet took X seconds to write:

Amount of lost time
Time per tweetIn total
20 seconds~1370260 seconds
~22838 minutes
~381 hours
~16 days
30 seconds~2055390 seconds
~34257 minutes
~571 hours
~24 days
50 seconds~3425650 seconds
~57094 minutes
~952 hours
~40 days
60 seconds~4110780 seconds
~68513 minutes
~1142 hours
~48 days

And that number does not include the amount of time spent on reading shared content from others. Have spend much more time reading than writing, so the overall number of hours (and days) spent is a lot more. Have learned a lot, but could have used time more productively.

Note: Manually updated numbers at the moment,
until I will figure out how to integrate Twitter
data updater script to Eleventy build process.