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Ideas vs. reality

by Daniel Schildt

English ~2 min reading time

Questions for the future

Local versus global? Both needed. My focus has been global over the years, at least for learning. A lot of my conversations during the past decade(s) have been on Twitter. But somehow at the same time, have felt a need for being part of a local community. For many years, attended a lot of meetup events (few hundred, in total), besides of a few other events .

But as communities grow, they also disappear. People's priorities in life change, as the world around changes. People grow, and learn. And some of the past sticks, while other ideas get forgotten.

During the past few years I have been thinking. And being alone. Lack of work has pushed me aside from office conversations (regardless if those are good or not). Lack of energy has limited the amount of time spent on other places. I have been at home, trying to figure out what to make of this life.

For reasons unintended, a lot of life has been difficult, as it is for many. Can't always choose what happens around.

One of the goals of the past year has been to try to focus more on creating a personal publishing platform. Kind of. Not a new piece of software. Collection of personal workflows and processes, to make creation process more easy. This blog is a small part of writing I have been writing, but haven't been publishing much. Most of the notes on the corners of my hard drive I have forgotten about. Trying to review few years of daily notes, collecting some of the best ideas together.

Have been thinking a lot about meaning of work. And also, frustrated about the state of technology industry. A lot of what is happening in the world is outside of the circle of influence, and out of circle of control. Same goes for work: a little bit that we can influence is often limited to what people work with. Economic reality is often rather dark, regardless of an industry. People work because they they have to pay rent and buy food, not because they would enjoy the work itself. There are a lot of upsides of a work related communities. Output we create is at times useful to other people.

But everything in the world has limits, as our life does. We need to make good use of the time we have, as years disappear to the history, a moment at time. What we use our time matters in the long run. What is now a current moment, is a past few minutes later. What is a good use of our time is another, a lot longer, conversation. But lets leave it for an another day.