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by Daniel Schildt

English ~1 min reading time

Summer has not arrived

There is a lot of sun outside. But it still feels cold inside.

Reading news gives a bit of idea what is happening. Looking at the videos of the protests around the planet shows much more painful reality.

A lot of sadness.

People want to be equal, and have a right to be equal. It's been decades and centuries. The structure of inequality still shows its heavy hand. What people now see, has been happening before. How to fix the structural problems of societies? All the way from a street to a regulation, and leadership.

People can change the rules, together. Often small steps matter. When many people take steps together, it has a much bigger impact. Steps to change systems to a better direction.

It is also about money, and power. Structural issues in society are visible on how others have an ability to survive. Understanding that people matter. Making sure that all people are part of society.

Life is not perfect, but there are many ways to improve the world. Ways to show that people care about each other. Ways to take a stand. Allowing the future that has more hope. There is much to improve in this world, around the planet.

All the best to a better future. Together.