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by Daniel Schildt


Improvements to the blog

Initially the idea was to have my own personal “link blog”, but the initial site layout turned out more flexible, even for a bit longer content. Started to migrate older content from various older personal blogs. Atom formatted XML feed is available for the RSS feed readers. Site is built with Eleventy & Parcel, and hosted on the wonderful Netlify service.

Basically restarted my previous website project from scratch after getting stuck with the over-engineered site structure. Now this is more focused, with just the blog part on a sub-domain. Ideally each of the new larger "features" of my personal website(s) would live under different sub-domains, with a separate CI pipeline for building and publishing the contents.

Understandably it takes a bit more effort to have seperate DNS entries for each of the projects, but eventually that makes a lot more sense, as I don't have to worry about accidentally increasing complexity of new prototypes etc. (as everything is in a seperate Git repository). Planning to write more about how I build these projects later, but this is a short entry about current state of the personal website.

Also did setup a _redirects file from the main website to point old blog post to the current blog. Will keep the main site there, while moving it more towards of an introduction & project list page, with links to the sub-domains.