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Android 11

by Daniel Schildt

English ~1 min reading time

Scoped storage improvements

Android 11

Improved storage access rights limitations for the Android platform.

“At the top of that list for Android apps is probably “scoped storage,” which limits apps’ ability to look at storage outside of their own silo (similar to how the iPhone works). It was introduced last year with Android 10 but Google is implementing it more aggressively in 11. Users will apparently be able to opt apps in to broader access if they choose, however. Google is aware this could be disruptive for a bunch of apps, so it will be publishing a separate blog post about it.”

Google releases Android 11 developer preview earlier than expected. Blog post. The Verge. 2020-02-19.

Changes coming to Android 11 that will improve privacy and security of a regular people. Android has been a lot more ‘open’ compared to iOS. Partly because there have not been much of access rights limits between mobile apps. That might have increased ideas for improving people’s productivity, but with a cost. It has still been a problem from the system security viewpoint. Other applications that might not always behave as well as expected. When there are good limits to what apps can access, people’s personal data will stay better guarded.