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Writing the web

by Daniel Schildt

English ~1 min reading time

Creation processs of a website

Notes for the future

This is the first daily note post to the freshly updated personal website.

Definition for the word note is described by Wordnik as:

n. A brief record, especially one written down to aid the memory. n. A brief informal letter. n. A comment or an explanation, as on a passage in a text.

There are a lot of other meanings to the word, but these might be the most relevant in this context. I plan to start publishing these daily notes more frequently, to share what I have discovered.


This site is generated with the Eleventy static site generator. I have tried a wide variety of different document generators over the years, but everyone has different types of issues. While Eleventy is clearly not perfect (as I realized after spending hours trying to understand how the templates system works), it still provides a well written set of tools for making a long lasting web projects.

Data visualizations

One potential future use case for Eleventy would be to generate a data visualizations about my event attendance history. There are various good tools for charting and drawing various kinds of graphs, so this would provide me a good practice for the future. Having an overview of what I have been doing in my life might help me to better communicate my skills and experiences. While writing is a very important way to clarify what one thinks, making data visible helps to understand it from more viewpoints.